Bell’s work pulls us on to look a little deeper, see a little more.–New Life Magazine

Publishers Weekly calls Martin Bell a master craftsman.

Reviews of The Way of the Wolf: The Gospel in New Images

“A collection of stories, songs, poems, sermons, all thrown at us with nothing to hold them together but the author’s passionate love of God, God who is like the silver wolf of the book’s title, who is with us, who cares.”–Madeleine L’Engle

“This is a book that should be not only in every library but in every
home. . . . Martin Bell has taken the clearest catechetical approach to
teaching the Good News and made it a delight. Can you tell I love this book?”–Miriam F. Cummings in Lutheran Libraries

“Written in an easy narrative style, the stories unfold in the manner of true storytelling, the once-upon-a-time, matter-of-fact sort of tale grandparents passed on by word of mouth to a new generation of listeners. . . . This is an especially delightful book to hear or to read, to share or to treasure, to be enjoyed by each in his own way.”–Living Church

$7.99 paperback

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Reviews of Street Singing and Preaching: A Book of New Psalms

“Bell loves words and knows what to do to make faith palpable and life livable. His poetry is not unlike liturgic dance. We are led to the edge of our rational discernment, and then slightly beyond with an awed gasp. His phrases are like a cascade in which newness tumbles out, so quick and so crafted.”–Walter Brueggemann

“These prose poems catch in modern idiom and circumstance the rhythms of the Psalmic tradition in which they stand. Rich with rough-hewn epiphanies and the sudden shocks of perfected phrasings, they continue into our present and private experience the themes of lament, accusation, repentance and praise, themes which, since the days of David himself, have found their most cordial and powerful expression in the formal poetry of the Psalm.” –Phyllis Tickle

“Here are modern psalms worthy to put beside the best of the ancient ones.”–John Killinger

“The depth and passion of the Psalms come through here in praise and lament, sorrow and joy, questioning and affirmation. I have used some of the poems liturgically. The book is also helpful for personal prayer. Like the psalmists, Bell is not afraid to look around and listen to God and even talk back to God. He explores the wonders of creation, tells of injustices in the world, cries out about our ravaged creation, and calls us to passionate concern for the downtrodden and oppressed.”–Arthur P. Boers, The Christian Ministry

$10.00 hardback

Reviews of Night Places: A Suspense Adventure

“Not only is [this book] a thriller chiller, which will keep the reader turning the pages, but (as one would expect from Martin Bell), there are riches beneath the story. Martin Bell has important things to say about unresolved grief, . . . most importantly in his protagonist, Carter, as the events of the nearly disastrous search for the lost teacher help her to resolve her own grief, so that she can move on
creatively, rather than destructively, with her own life. A new book by Martin Bell is a special treat.” –Madeleine L’Engle

“Bell’s fiction reads like falling dominoes. His suspense ending to Night Places is worthy of the best in surprise twists”–Carol Howard, Austin American Statesman

“Exciting reading for ages 12 and up”–Christian Bookseller

$6.00 quality paperback

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