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Martin Bell’s classic 1970 reading of 4 stories: Barrington Bunny, Rag-Tag Army, Noel–The Lone  Ranger, Wood and Nails and Colored Eggs.  Includes Bell’s haunting original background music




Over the years many people have sought the original 1970 recording of four stories that was issued as an LP along with the book, The Way of the Wolf. Martin Bell both narrated the text and composed the haunting music that accompanied the stories. It was a wonderful recording. But for decades the LP has been out of print, and until recently there was no way for us to make that recording available because the master tapes were apparently lost. However, those master tapes have been located and transferred to CD. The sound has been remastered and is actually better than the original.
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Martin Bell’s recent reading of all the stories and poems from The Way of the Wolf.  Includes “Barrington Bunny” 

For the first time, all the stories from The Way of the Wolf are available in a double-CD set.  The Way of the Wolf has sold over a quarter of a million copies. Now it is possible to hear Martin Bell’s own new reading of the Christmas classic “Barrington Bunny,” along with “Rag-Tag Army,” “The Porcupine Whose Name Didn’t Matter,” and all the other stories from this timeless book.
Across the country, fans of The Way of the Wolf have been delighted to discover their favorite stories in this new form. A gift for all ages, and a superb resource for study groups, youth groups, retreats, family story time, or personal meditation.

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A fabulous collection of music composed and performed by MARTIN BELL. Eight of the tunes are reissued from the original LP record released at the time of The Way of the Wolf‘s publication in 1970. However, for some years now, these pieces of music have been unavailable in any form. Notable selections are “Come Gather, Children,” and the
two Christmas songs–“Secret of the Stars” and “Incarnatus.”

And that’s not all! Bonus tracks: Included on the album are three Martin Bell tunes recorded in 2002. It’s a musical package that will be enjoyed by all ages.

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JUST TO BE IS A BLESSING Liturgical music and more

This compact disc features Martin Bell’s new and very singable musical settings for the Lord’s Prayer, Gloria in Excelsis, Lamb of God, and two anthems sung at the breaking of the bread in Holy Communion. The lead vocalists, who include Ray Reach, Mattie Bailey, John Caterina, Susannah Ferris, Joel Fortson, Al McCoy, and Martin Bell, represent a diversity of voices, ages, and life experience. Several songs draw on themes from scripture, notably “Temptation,” “Blessed Are,” and “Yahweh’s Song,” a poignant soliloquy sung from God’s point of view. “Room in the Circle” (sung by Martin Bell) speaks to anyone who has ever longed to be part of the healing community of Christ.
Just to Be Is a Blessing contains within it a double gift: music that nourishes the soul and lyrics that enliven faith. Martin Bell’s liturgical music is used by churches all across the country; he was an Episcopal priest and composer for over forty years.

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