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The Way of the Wolf: The Gospel in New Images

The biblical psalms have uplifted the hearts of millions of Bible readers for countless generations. Now, with a similar richness of language and spiritual insight, Martin Bell offers a treasury of new psalms. Making use of the ancient psalmic form, Bell articulates today’s struggles, heartbreaks, and joys. These are psalms to which you can turn for inspiration, hope, and the word that says you are not alone. Walter Brueggemann says, “Bell’s poetry is not unlike liturgic dance. We are led to the edge of our rational discernment, and then slightly beyond with an awed gasp. His phrases are like a cascade in which newness tumbles out, so quick and so crafted.” John Killinger adds, “Here are modern psalms worthy to put beside the best of the ancient ones.”

ISBN 0687399653 Hardback.  New price;  $10.00

Night Places: A Suspense Adventure

Primarily aimed toward a young (12 and up) audience, this story about two high school students’ search for their missing teacher captures the attention of all ages. Bell uses this suspense/adventure setting to weave a story in which the main characters are forced to use their resourcefulness and individuality to save their teacher and themselves. Bell shows the value of the individual and speaks to those approaching adulthood about how they might make a difference to another person, to a community, or even to the world. Madelyn L’Engle comments “Night Places is a thriller chiller, which will keep the reader turning the pages, but (as one would expect from Martin Bell) there are great riches beneath the story.”

ISBN 068727950X Quality paperback. $6.00 

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 Christmas Season Special: Free shipping on all U. S. orders! Plus 10% discount on orders over $75.00.


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